WORLD SOUND MIX for Beall Center (2012)


"DataVis: Information as Art"
Artists: Alice Aycock; Ingo Günther; Helen & Newton Harrison; Brian House; Nathalie Miebach; Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle courtesy of Christopher Grimes Gallery; MIT SENSEable City Lab; Paula Scher courtesy of Bryce Walkowitz Gallery; 43d: Junichi Oguro & Motohiro Sunouchi; Fernanda Viégas & Martin Wattenberg
Curated by David Familian

4.Oct 2012 thru 26.Jan 2013
at Beall Center for Art + Technology
712 Arts Plaza
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, California USA

About the work:

What can the soundscape evoke? Awake genius loci.

World Sound Mix for Beall Center is a sound visual installation, generating a whole earth soundscape. For the exhibition, artists set up a globe visualized by clouds of placenames that resonate mixed soundscape. During the exhibition, the globe continues going round and mixing the sounds recorded at selected two locations somewhere in the world. When visitors utter a placename into the microphone, the globe starts mixing sounds at the place and genius loci in its place awaken.

By naming lands, human beings have occupied and developed lands on the globe. A placename and its sounds are intricately linked with environment, culture and history in each place. When we witness the globe covered by placenames and listen to the sounds, we may realize diversity and richness of our culture and expand an invisible image and context in the places. Not only that but we may consider about our history during the Age of Exploration, exterminations of languages and placenames, North-South issues and so on.

About sounds data
World Sound Mix for Beall Center is based on a sound database from Freesound project etc., its sounds have been recorded and gathered by sound hunters around the world. Using of sounds is under the respective CreativeCommons Licenses. The credits are shown in the work. The logs of sound trip by visitors are recorded during the whole period of the exhibition. The data will be used to release a next our work.

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videos :

Making - World Sound Mix for Beall Center on Vimeo.

Opening Scene - World Sound Mix for Beall Center on Vimeo.