Shirakaba (2013~)

[Web Service]

Shirakaba is online collaborative platform of field-recordings for sound hunters and creators across the globe. Users can upload, import from SoundCloud and Freesound, edit, clip and share sounds on the WEB.


What can the soundscape evoke? Awake genius loci.
World Sound Mix for Beall Center is a sound visual installation, generating a whole earth soundscape. During the exhibition, the globe continues going round and mixing the sounds recorded at selected two locations somewhere in the world. When visitors utter a placename into the microphone, the globe starts mixing sounds at the place and genius loci in its place awaken.

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"World Sound Mix for BankART LIFE3" is a sound visual installation, generating new soundscape around the world. This work continues mixing the sounds at selected two points somewhere in the world from the database of huge quantities of environment sounds and generating new soundscape people have never listen to.

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We held a two-days SOUND COOKING workshop on February 19th and 20th, 2011.
Participants listened to, perceived and gathered environmental sounds in Sapporo, Hokkaido we are living in, then edited and remixed them as a new world of sound. We invited three lecturers who lead the way in creation of sound from Sapporo. The lecturers and participants practiced a set of processes, from the collection of sound, mise en place, cooking and leading to eating. We have experienced the manner of sound gourmet.

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WORLD SOUND MIX for iPad is the application to travel all over the world through indigenous sound images where the sound is recorded, based on the sound database by users from all over the world. As a furniture sound, we'd like to enjoy this application. This application requires a broadband Wi-Fi environment.
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WORLD SOUND MIX is a web based sound mixing engine that generates a location based Ambient sound from varied sounds from all over the world. WORLD SOUND MIX's database consists of sounds from the "Freesound Project" ( Each sound is licensed under Creative Commons Licenses and respective credits are shown in the work.